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Frequently Asked Questions
 How do I know what my project will cost?  We strive to deliver our products for the lowest price possible without compromising quality.
  • If you are an IRS project manager using our services, please contact the contracting officer for your office.
  • If you are new to working with us, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide a consultation at no cost to you in order to determine the best plan to fit your needs.
Our general product pricing catalog can be viewed at GSA Advantage under Contract GS-02F-0161W.

 I am a new project manager. What do I need to know to get started? We are happy to provide an orientation to guide you through the process. Just contact us, and we will get started. The staff member we assign to you will work with you from start to finish -- the draft process, the revision/editing process, all the way to the delivery/publishing process.

 What guideline do you follow for how to format material? 
We have a variety of formats in our template library which includes Information Mapping, and we are adept at incorporating out-of-the-ordinary instructions received for individual projects. Visit our Services Offered page to learn more about this.

 What’s the best way to handle getting course material to you for processing? Is it better to send pieces as the writers are finished with them, or to wait and send everything all at once?  We prefer that you not wait until a course is completely finished before sending files to us for processing. We do not have to have everything all at once in order to get started. This will help avoid that hectic, frazzled, last-minute push to meet a deadline. The more time you can give us to process your material, the better your overall experience will be.

 We often have little time to write a particular course, and sometimes I spend more time trying to format that material than actually writing it. Can you help?  It is completely unnecessary for writers to spend time on any formatting – that is our job. Just focus more on content. Simply allow the document to flow from page to page without breaks, using a larger bold font for the headings and sub-headings. We are your formatting experts, so just leave that part to us, and you can put your valuable time to better use.

Note: If you are using Formatting Solutions' Information Mapping, please contact us with any questions.

 What if I don't know what format to use?  No problem!  Our staff will work with you to create a design that best suits the needs of your particular project.

 What is FTP?  FTP (file transfer protocol) is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files over the Internet. When downloading a file from the Internet, you're actually transferring the file to your computer from another computer using the Internet as the conduit.

 What is the best way to handle graphics?  If you are getting your graphics from an outside source (quite often a PDF file), instead of trying to copy/paste that graphic yourself, just send us the graphic in the PDF and let us take it from there. The result will be a much-improved final product at a lower cost due to the time savings on both ends.

 What if I have something that's out of the ordinary graphics-wise? Our staff includes graphic experts who are experienced in all types of graphics -- creation of fillable forms, flowcharts, organizational charts, etc. Just let us know your need, and we'll help you design the format most suitable.
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